May 21, 2011

Brushing off the Dust.

Well it's been aboot a good while since I have updated on anything recent. I AM SURE NOONE EVER READS THIS... but you know. Stuff.

I like pie. I am getting kinda chubby. I am doing cleaning and I am trying to get stuff in time for my finals and moving. I also enjoy watching movies.

I have watched a ton of movies in the last month. I will probably do more "I watch movies" posts.

Other than that nothing else to report on. ALSO I may change the way the blog looks. Later!

Dead dwarf is dead.

Feb 13, 2011

New Post for my RP Goodness... Well not really but meh.

Well I always wanted to RP and since I got some extra cash so now I play on an RP server... it's pretty kick-ass.

Well in anycase here is my template for the character I am gonna use after I do enough lvling and getting the gear.

His name is Vemir Shadowchase. A bounty hunter with absolutely no sense of direction...

Before After Effects

After After Effects, now with lightning bolt!

This Orc's name is Mow'gar he grew up on Draenor and learned Shamanism from an old Tauren.

Before lame ain't it?

After with cool wolves and all that jazz.

Feb 1, 2011


Well I made a lil Wall paper... All I did was add shine but regardless final product looks sexy.

Jan 23, 2011

Got Milk?

Well it's been quite awhile since I have posted in my Blog. I may be asleep but not dead.

Anyways I just came to update with a pic and a couple of words. 
1: I am working on Machinima since WoW for me is getting kinda stale, also I got a RIFT beta key from a friend. Anything else will be updated to my twitter account. If you don't follow it I will kill you, not yet but soon.


This picture sure is weird.... It's seems almost fore shadowy... That's a word right?

Oct 4, 2010

I watch movies: Legend of the Guardians.

Owls... Flying to Dramatic Music.
Well lets start this off, I went to watch legend of the guardians last weekend and I thought "meh haven't seen a movie in forever." So I walk into the theater all young and hip... So I got my ticket and sat what i believe was pepsi... I hate the movie already.

So the story is about a young owl who dreams of getting molested by these owls who are told in stories "The Guardians" One day falls out of tree with brother named...? "Kieth?" who seems level headed but a dick. Man I wanted to punch him right in his neck... Do owls have necks? Anyways they get stolen... boring shit happens they meet another by the name of Gylphie... Her voice sounds hot so she is automatically hot. BLAH BLAH BLAH become pickers BLAH metal flecks? BLAH Learn to fly, Brother betrays BLAH BLAH BLAH! Meet to other owls One by the name of Digger and Twilight... Digger is cool he seems a lil twitchy and what not, while Twilight rips shit up on the lute he has... MAD LYRICIST! Anyways meet up with Mrs. P a snake... she isn't really all that important or even interesting. Anyways these 5 things fly away to Ga'Hoole pretty neat alot of visual stuff...

On way to Ga'Hoole digger almost dies, Soren goes down to try and save him but saved by King and Queen of the Great Tree instead... I came when I heard the Queens voice in that slow motion clip. So much cum... Anyways they go to the Great Tree and have a trial or some shit? Then they 4 owls (heroes) train to become Guardians and it starts up this gay montage with Owl City playing in the background making it even worse... The one of the owls flies through a twister pretty cool scene-

THEN BAM! I'm asleep and by the time I get up the movie is over and everyone but the clean up crew is left. FML.

PRO: Very well rendered fight scenes and normal scenes, very much so eye candy. 
CONS: Crappy story, seems kid-like. Very grim dark to seem like a children intended movie but is...? Terribull voicing except from the Queen...

All in all: If your eyes need some Candy I recommend this for you. AND READ NEXT "I WATCH MOVIES!"

CHOICE MOVIE: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Sep 22, 2010

Onto something boring and awesome.

Well I am making a shitty movie for Social Class, I am also currently on the Script for 2 movies

1: Proffesions Episode 2: Skinning Nightmare

2: Subject 37B

I can't give away too much about Subject 37B though PROFS EP2 is gonna be pro!

Also here is a pic of my social project.

Sep 3, 2010

A bowl of boring and pain!

So school is starting up again I am in my final year of school. Yes! I am trying to finish this last year up and hopefully get my diploma. Also in my last year of football. (Yes I do play football I am awesome!) But no time to do anything... Though I will try to post that video of Animethon 17 and the pictures I do have, may take some photos of the stuff I bought.

Now onto something less serious... I fail and I am impulsive buyer. I tried to buy a tablet for my PC... instead it was just a touch pad... WHAT THE FUCK AM I GONNA DO WITH A TOUCH PAD?! Anyways... I am fail.

New Wallpaper!